About Us

Hey readers (if you're out there)!
My name is Heather, and my husband Jacob and I are newlyweds preparing for lovely baby girl. We were married in April of 2011, and wasted no time in starting a family.

We are Jesus-loving young folks who spend our time hanging with our Shiba Inu Kobi, doing little projects around the house (hoping to do a big remodel one day), cooking, watching as many movies we can get our hands on, and loving our city of Tacoma. We both love life and don't want to miss any chances or opportunities.

Jacob races cars with his brother and loves to wrench on Hondas in his free time. He is in retail management and works hard to keep mom and baby happy and healthy. I am a coffee shop manager (taking a sabbatical during the pregnancy) and I love fashion, home decorating, working out, cooking, singing, and playing the piano.

We are hoping our baby will be a perfect mix of both mom and dad. One thing we know is that she is gonna quite the looker--mom and dad have good genes!

(22 weeks pregnant!!)