Friday, April 6, 2012

Nursery: Check!

Wow, after working on this nursery since 10 weeks, I didn't think we would ever finish it! But lo and behold, today I sewed the last stitches on the crib bumper and was able to put it into the crib. Now, just about everything is done! There are still a couple small things I want to do, like get some vintage throw pillows to put in the crib (for looks) and maybe install some mini book shelves to display some of the vintage childrens books I have.

I think the hardest thing about this project was the size of the room. I had so many ideas of things I wanted to do, but our space was so limited that I really had to pick and choose our decor elements carefully. Even then, I think I still may have overdone it. It's a super bright and colorful room and I hope it will fit her personality (I am imagining she is going to be a spunky spitfire, just like her parents).

I am going to post some pictures of what we have done so far... the only thing I can't show you is picture with the gallery wall in it since we are keeping little one's name and initials a secret.

Hope you enjoy! (Pardon all the crappy pictures, they're just from my cell phone)

Here's a little breakdown of where most of the items are from:

Tissue flower pom mobile: DIY. Ribbon and tissue from the dollar store!
Crib: Babi Italia from Babies R Us
Crib Skirt: Handmade by family friend, fabric from Hancock Fabrics
Crib bumper: Handmade by yours truly, fabric from Hancock Fabrics
Pink baroque mirror: Thrifted, painted with Rustoleum Berry Pink
Wall Owls: Thrifted and spray painted
Flag Banner: Handmade by my sister
Vintage dresser: Belonged to my great grandmother
Lampshade: DIY by me, fabric from Joanne's
Lamp: Painted with Krylon light pink
Tchotchkes: Thrifted from various stores
Rocking chair: Grandparents
Stool: Thrifted
Stool Cushion: Pier One
Yellow Curtains: DIY, fabric from Hancock Fabrics

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